B-System Chinchilla Softhouse / Sprite 1997

This is initially a doushin freeware shooter game before being made shareware by Sprite. This game is basically a boss rush, which features bosses that look like many of the bosses in the Darius series, if not a more realistic take on them. The story involves a single ace pilot engaging a fleet of Belser/Thiima inspired mechancial sea creatures. There are 12 bosses which are kinds of marine life: "arowana," "shrimp," "Shark," "Monocentris japonica," "octopus", "angler", "Striped Shrimpfish", "starfish", "turtle", "moray eels", "seahorse", "ammonite" which have a variety of attacks. While the enemy designs are inspired by Darius, the gameplay and power-up system is mostly inspired by the Gradius series.
Freeware Game v3.0 731kb (uploaded by Official Site)
SHARP X68000 Videos
Shareware Game v.20 (Pass: GURIUS1997) 611kb (uploaded by Vector)
Titei Senki & B-SYSTEM - Full Demos 633kb/612kb (uploaded by Supernova)

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