G-Sector Ingava / Freeform Interactive 1999

G-Sector is an arcade-style 3D action freeware game using the Genesis 3D engine and based around hoverboard combat - a hybrid between an "extreme sports game" and shooter (can be played in 3rd or 1st-person view). Players control the heroine Cyra as she hoverboards through futuristic cities and arenas. Gameplay is based on using ramps and tricks to build velocity and avoid opponents' shots and uses the chasecam and a customizable mouse/keyboard interface. Cyra enters the G-Sector fully-armed and ready for combat. She has the best and latest in shielding, hoverboards, and weapons: Vulcan Gun, Plasma Rifles, Ion Lances, and ICBMs. This was one of the best looking 3D freeware games released up to this time.
Full Demo ~25Mb ( @ Caiman)

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