Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer 3DO Company, The 1999

In this action game the player controls a M12 tank, called "The Hammer", to bring peace to Iraq where "The Beast" rules as a dictator. Every of the 18 missions is accompanied with a cutscene where his newest atrocities are shown. The M12 has a heavy gun and a rocket launcher which each have two ammo types against regular and armored enemies. The chain gun has unlimited ammo but small power. In some missions there is also a possibility to request artillery and air attacks. The game is action oriented and so the handling is a simple combination between mouse and keyboard controls: mouse look is used to aim the turrets and with the keyboard the tank is moved. The missions are linear and mostly the goal is to drive from point A to point B. Of course there are a lot of enemy forces which try to prevent this, e.g. tanks, bunkers or rocket launchers, and other obstacles like mine fields. In later missions there are also hostile helicopters. Some buildings contain ammo or repair stations, a mini map shows the surroundings and goals.
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ISO Demo ~599MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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