Absolute Terror Nekotech Ltd, Symbiosys Software / Crystal Interactive Software, Inc. 2000

This is a single player space shooter. Earth's colonies are revolting. What is worse, their forces are winning because they've developed hypergate technology. The player takes the role of the pilot of Katana Unit-01 which is Earth's only fighter craft equipped with similar technology. Aided by Natsuki, a sarcastic catgirl co-pilot, the player undertakes a series of hazardous missions. The Katana is equipped with advanced technology, namely the Schizuma-Von Neumann Matter Infusing Nanotech and Data Matrix Replication Engine, which utilizes space crystals to manufacture defence systems and other weapons. The enemy ships are varied. Some are easy to destroy while others are not, they have even developed 'healer' ships which spray their colleagues with nanobots. The enemy also use space crystals so gathering them not only boosts the player's capabilities it diminishes theirs. The game has over fifty missions and is a single-player space-themed shooter that is played either with the keyboard or with the joystick. All missions are essentially played on a two dimensional game area. The physics of the space ship are such that once the ship is moving in a given direction it keeps moving in that direction until a counter force is applied to make it stop. An attempt to turn while moving will just result in the ship rotating on its access unless it is accompanied by more thrust.
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Level Demo 7MB (uploaded by AG.ru)
ISO Demo 581MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 565MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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