Hades 2 Espaco Informatica Ltda. 2001

In this Brazilian developed FPS, it's the year 2356. The player is on Antauros, one of bases of major importance to the Universal Federation. Located on Pluto, this base has strategic importance in this solar system. The advance defence system of the Base seems to have no effect though on a surpise attack by the Grogr army when they descend with brute force on the Antauros installations. The game engine resembles that of Duke Nukem 3D but it does interestingly use image captured people as enemies (including in full body makeup to represent aliens). On September 20th, 2009 to celebrate the game's 10 year birthday, the game was released for free.
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Level Demo 20MB
Full Freeware 234MB ( @ Espaco Informatica)
ISO Demo ~242MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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