Half-Life Source Valve / VU Games 2004

This is a more direct port of the original classic Half-Life game to the new Source engine than Counter-Strike which additionally was much more revamped. It uses all the old textures and character models - not even the upgraded ones used in Blue Shift. The biggest change is that the game now supports the same physics engine as Half-Life 2 (so bodies tend to bounce around more), and a few other things like upgraded water effects. HL1 Source is available in the Silver and Gold Steam packages when buying Half-Life 2, and in the Collector's Edition retail disc package. With the release of the Source SDK tools for mod-makers, a lot of the original mods can hopefully be ported to the Source engine as well. There are already groups revamping the old HL1 textures and models so an even better graphic port of the all-time classic game should come along someday.
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Full Demo 275MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Graphics Enhacement Mod
included in Half-Life 2: Collector's Edition - DVD ISO Demo 2.6GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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