Half-Life: Team Fortress Classic Valve / Sierra 1998

At first there was a similar gameplay modification for Quake, then the makers compiled an even better version for Half-Life. This is a team-oriented and goal-oriented mod (available for free in the official Half-Life patches since 1.01). Different classes have different abilities, weapons, speeds and hit-points. There is a scout (very fast and lightly armed, better to steal flags); soldier (all-around good abilities, with rocket launcher); the heavygunner (with Gatling gun, but moves slowly. Also there is the medic who can heal his own teammates (healthpoints even more than 100% is possible; also opponents can lose health with a poison syringe which you can infect them with if you get close enough). If you get infected, you need a medic from your team to be cured, otherwise one dies and can infect other team companions who come in close contact with you in this time too. One can call the medic by hitting a certain key (and hope that somebody plays one from your team and is nearby). There is also a sniper and a demolitions man (who carries a packed explosive on himself with which one can open passages at special places). The spy can reach into the opposing base while he takes the identity one of the players there (whom there will be a double of and bad luck if one approaches exactly to your double and can read his own name as your identity). With the knife, the spy can kill all opponents with a push (if he reachs behind them and is close enough). The engineer can build up stationary machine guns and recharging stations for ammunition and to renew arms. The pyro guy has the deadly flamethrower weapon.

Most times, TFC is about taking the flag from the opposing fortress. In some levels, one must also protect a civilian (there is also in CS). But there are also levels in which it becomes a massacre. One storms opposing positions which are bitterly defended. If one has taken a point, you can go forward to the next. Before CS came, TFC was the absolute most popular mod to play and is also played even today by a dedicated fan conmunity. However, most have gone over to CS which simply offers more. In the HL patch 1.106 the TFC models got a new quite cool design and also light modifications of the single abilities were carried out.

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3-Level Demo 33MB (uploaded by ModDB)
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Full Demo v1.5 requires Half-Life, contained in Patch v1.1.1.0 82MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
High Definition Pack ~6MB (upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo ~52Mb CD2 of Half-Life Platinum Collection (uploaded by Scaryfun)
included with Half-Life Day One in Half-Life: Initial Encounter - ISO Demo 373MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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