Halo: Combat Evolved Gearbox / Microsoft 2003

In 2552 the engineering development of humanity has far progressed. The planet Reach forms the technology center for people in this time. There a supersoldier is developed who is soon also required because the Covenant, an extraterrestrial race, have attacked people. Plans to destroy the home world of the Covenant in a big counterblow, however, is preempted the planet Reach is destroyed as well as most supersoldiers. Only one ship of the people survives with one supersoldier aboard. Nevertheless, this ship the Covenant are likewise tracking down near the artificial planet Halo, and a battle ensues. At first one must struggle from the spaceship to a rescue capsule; afterwards the fight on Halo begins. Because the people have been defeated in number and also technically, they must use (near the supersoldier whom the player takes over) guerrilla warfare tactics. Most time one is in teams and vehicles need mostly more than one person, one to steer mostly, while the AI companions shoot. The vehicle models are very detailed technically, as well as from driving physics. The AI of the companions offers a good team-feeling. Also the other computer controlled teams when fighting sometimes by mistake hit the player's team and apologize, and they turn back angrily if the player meets sometimes one of his own people too. The enemies behave differently too. There are cowardly kinds and also courageous bent on death at all costs. The graphics were designed some years ago for the X-BOX where the game became the most popular title, but in the meantime on the PC others have rivaled it. The competitor Breed which likewise relies a lot on its vehicular warfare is similar. The eagerly awaited state-of-the-art titles are considered to be Half-Life 2 and Doom 3. Halo will have to nibble at the PC audience during the long waiting period for the Halo 2 sequel to make a bigger impact with PC fans. Game development is so quick now that a publisher cannot afford to wait a year for a conversion from consoles to arrive (which might be reduced with XBox 2 being more like a PC). While Halo on the XBox was a huge success, it will barely make an impact on the PC.

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Level Demo 131MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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08.2003 Press Beta Demo ~410MB (thanks to Delacroix & uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo ~712MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
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Halo PC/CE Patch 1.0.10 to bypass Gamespy servers (uploaded by Bungie)
Full Demo Repack & 1.0.10 patch applied (in Setup folder) 413MB + Custom Edition 170MB + Soundtrack + Mods (uploaded by hgdagon)

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