Wings of Fury 2 Ravenlore 2008

Free remake of classical arcade shooting game with modern 3d graphics including some nice special effects. The game rules remain the same - plane moves left & right. Your mission is to fight enemy installations, ships, planes and soldiers. Plane can be equipped with bombs, topedoes or rockets. Machine gun is always available. Aircraft carrier is the place where the plane is repaired & resupplied. Successful take off and touch down is essential. Several mission types (bombing run, assasination, naval, dogfight). Levels differ by landscape, enemy force and daytime. Modding capabilities. An Enhanced version is also available for purchase with new planes (F4U, B25 bomber), new levels, new enemies (submarines, enemy bombers, AA-guns), no ads, survival game mode.
Free Enhanced Game v3.5.1 102MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Free Enhanced Game v3.5.1 (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 102MB

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