Heavy Gear 2 Activision 1999

In this superior sequel which uses the same game engine as Interstate '82, as the leader of the special ops group Dark Talons you lead your squad mates on a series of dangerous missions as you discover the NEC plot against your homeland, Terra Nova. Operate behind enemy lines as you gather data, attack enemy camps, capture enemy leaders, take over space stations, and more. Combat happens on land, underground (huge caverns), and even in space. There are plenty of weapons to outfit your gear, even some hand-to-hand weapons. You can also add perks and flaws to further customize your gear. Stealth is a major concern in some missions. The game play feel is very different from the Mechwarrior series. Set in Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear universe (which rivals the Battletech universe in complexity, though not nearly as famous). The gears are capable of very human-like movements, such as kneeling, crawling, and jumping. The dazzling graphics engine is supported by an almost strategic battle system, a challenging campaign, squadmates who are actually useful, and unpredictable enemies. Heavy Gear II is built on an entirely new graphics engine, called Dark Side. It's very impressive, with detailed, heavily articulated gears and vehicles, natural-looking fauna, vivid landscapes ranging from forests to Martian-like craterscapes, weather, and smoke and dust effects. There's plenty of variety here - you'll fight in desert canyons, forests, caverns, and even deep space. This is one of the best and most fun Mech shooters ever made.
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Level Demo 46Mb ( @ Download.com)
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Full Demo ~114MB (Upped by keropi)
ISO Demo ~547MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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