Hellboy: Asylum Seeker / Hellboy:Dogs Of The Night Dark Horse Interactive / Cryo Interactive 2000

Hellboy is a third-person action-adventure game in which you play as Mike Mignola's comic-book hero and paranormal investigator. The game takes place in 1960's Prague, during Hellboy's early work with the BPRD (British Paranormal Research Division). Hellboy and Sara are investigating their missing agent Peter, who lost contact with his team somewhere in Czechoslovakia. It's up to Hellboy to uncover the events surrounding that disappearance, and set things right. Gameplay is similar to Capcom's Resident Evil series, with adventure-game dialogue and puzzles punctuated with fights. The game is fully 3D, with a bleak artistic style that is unlike the comic. They find themselves locked up in a lunatic asylum where they discover more than they bargained for. Someone in the asylum is trying to open a gateway that will give passage to the forces of darkness, unleashing unimaginable terror on the world. The game alternates between traps, puzzles and combat sequences where thought is just as important as reflexes and dexterity. Navigate Hellboy through 6 dark, gothic episodes where evil lurks around every corner. From an old cemetery to the Forbidden Library, the Asylum to the Torture Room, Hellboy must be quick in mind and light on his feet to investigate the strange occurrences that has plagued the world around him.
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Level Demo ~49MB ( @ Clubic)
Full Demo ~144Mb Intro ~43Mb (all upped by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 439MB (upped by Egon68)

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