Revenge of Defender / StarRay Hidden Treasures / Epyx, Inc. 1989

Release Date: 1989 You are called on to protect seven planets in the Scarcanian System from yet another alien invasion. With their peaceful planets and blue binary sun, the people of this system are your allies and suppliers of vital resources to your world. It puts you at the helm of StarRay, a ship capable of firing lasers and vaporizers. It is outfitted with shields and can fly up, down, right and left. As you patrol each planet (the playfield scrolls horizontally in both directions), blasting or exploding everything in sight, aliens will try to destroy your ship and each of the 10 resource installations on that planet. Planets include mountainous Gorbaxa, the jungle world of Sirion, frozen Sharlon, and technological Boldava, a world filled with power plants. When you get shot by or collide with an alien, you will lose shield strength. If you manage to destroy a certain number of waves of aliens on a planet, you will advance to the next level. Landers, Blue Hunters and Air Buses are present on every world while dragonflies, hives, wasps, pterodactyls, silicon worms, bloodsucking plants, killer bees and other enemies begin appearing as you progress from world to world. A radar scan is available for use in watching incoming attackers. Certain enemies when shot will release a letter icon that can be picked up for points, power or weaponry: A provides you with a temporary burst of speed; B is equal to 1,000 bonus points; C gives you continuous fire for 100 shots; I makes you temporarily invincible; P improves your laser for a short time; T gives your laser temporary rapid-fire capabilities; and V gives you a momentary boost of speed. A round ends when your shields have been eliminated (you only get one ship) or when all 10 resource installations on a single planet have been invaded or destroyed. When an alien does take over an installation, go ahead and destroy that installation because it will then become an enemy weapons base.
Full Demo 384kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Floppy Images ISO Demo 497kb (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Hits for Six: Volume Three - ISO Demo 16MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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