Mobile Light Force / Gunbird Psikyo / Console Classics, City Connection 2015

This is a classic action packed vertically scrolling shoot'em up which first was an arcade game in 1994. Five adventurers join together for the first time in this action packed title to uncover the mystery of the ancient Magic Mirror. Fight your way through the skies of early Europe to stop the evil organization who are out to steal the Magic Mirror. Blast off for fierce action with classic arcade shooter elements. The game is set in a fantasy setting with steampunk elements. Lush forests and medieval castles meet steam trains and mech robots. Instead of piloting the genre-traditional space ships, it lets the player chose between five different characters (Ash, Marion, Valnus, Yuan Nang and Tetsu) who traverse the game world on broomstick, jet packs and pedal-powered helicopters on a quest to find the pieces of a magic mirror across seven stages. Unorthodox vehicles aside, the gameplay follows traditional genre standards. The main goal is to dodge all bullets that fill the screen while collecting power-ups to make the character stronger. It features one power-up that incrementally increases the firepower of the standard weapon (P-items) as well as additional ammo for the screen-clearing special ability (B-items). Standard weapon and special ability differ from character to character. Where some characters excel in high firepower in a straight line others allow for a wider spread of bullets or additional homing missiles. In May 11/2020, an arcade version was released by City Connection where you can set 7 difficulty levels (from Beginner to Hard and Very Hard), life, number of continues, controls, screen orientation, and online rankings.
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