Leap of Fate Clever-Plays 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Mar 30/2016 This is a unique blend of hack-and-slash and rogue-like. In this frantically fast action game, you play as a technomancer who shadow-walks through hordes of enemies. You must confront the Deck of Fate, a magical tarot deck that makes you face a twisted version of your own existence. Grow your magic, survive this rite of passage, and prove you are the most powerful mage alive. Leap of Fate is a mix of the infinite replayability of The Binding of Isaac, the precise and reactive controls of League of Legends, and the feel-good combat of Diablo. Features: Super fast skill-based action with emphasis on high mobility; The cards of the Deck of Fate define a unique journey for you every game; A dark cyberpunk setting, spanning cybernetics labs to secret societies. The action is fast, skillful, and unforgiving. You only have one life to progress as far as you can in a session, and the best defense is clearly a mighty offense. After each death, you restart from scratch, except for permanent upgrades that you progressively accumulate. Surviving requires finding a way to use whatever combination of magical abilities you happen to have upgraded in that session, through 3 different skill trees and equippable magical powers called glyphs.
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ISO Demo 1.30GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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