Fire Zone RST / MarkSoft 1999

This takes place in the 2130, when the inner opposition has joined the forces with aliens and kidnapped the president's wife to obtain secret plans of the Earth's protective shield. As the best fighter pilot the player must save the president's wife in order to prevent the conquest of the planet. The game is divided into numerous small side-scrolling locations with a few check (save) points per mission. Each mission requires performing of a specific task, usually involving finding and delivering something or someone to the right place. Most of the locations are guarded by alien life forms or defensive units, as well as mechanized natural traps (such as vibrating stone drills or crushing rocks). The ship is described by two important indicators - energy and fuel. Reaching the zero level of any of those causes the fighter explosion. Both indicators may be supplemented by collecting power ups available in various locations or appearing after the destruction of enemy units. The fighter is equipped with three types of weapons, that can be upgraded by following modernizations: extra range long shoot, temporary double and triple shoot, power plasma, power rockets, atomic bomb (destroys all the object at the current location), support mechanized droid unit.
Full Demo 67MB (uploaded by myloch)
Polish Clone ISO Demo with Audio Tracks + Scans (provided by KarsaOrlong & upped by Scaryfun) 211MB

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