Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom / Devil's Bridge Illusion Softworks / Talonsoft, Take 2 1999

In the mission pack Fight For Freedom, the developers of Hidden and Dangerous have added on another degree of difficulty. If the original game was not already very easy, there are in this part some frustrating places to master even more. At first it is a matter of the Germans stealing prototypes of a jet bomber. Later one must help the American soldiers to master the plight of the Ardenne offensive. Finally one finds himself in 1946 in Greece and tries to prevent the propagation of communism in this land. The 9 missions are well designed, the graphics suitably done, but far from especially well done. New weapons include Thompson submachine guns, German Parabellum sidearms and M1 Garand rifles. Whoever liked Hidden and Dangerous and didn't find it too difficult, then this relatively shortly mission pack is recommended as well.
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Standalone Full Demo ~75MB Reg Fix ~12KB (upped by MasteromaN)
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ISO Demo ~270MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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