Lethal Judgment 3: End Game B-Games 2005

Try to survive along the 6 levels of heavy fighting in this shoot them up in the line of the old school shooter era. There's gigantic bosses, destructive weapons... it's a cocktail for shooter lovers. It has an incredible mix of detailed 2D sprites and rendered 3D graphics, though it's difficulty may put a few players off. The quality is practically comparable to Jets'n'Guns, and just as hard as the acclaimed horizontal shooter. Weapon upgrades can be collected along with gold coins to trade for unlockables in the bonus shop. Hold the space key to shoot and press the left control key to launch a bomb. It's possible to beat the entire game with a few strategies in hand without resorting to cheats. It was later made freeware.
Free Game 76MB (uploaded by FreeGame.cz)
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 72MB

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