Lethal Judgment 4 BGames 2007

A fun space shooter with really clean graphics. It's an updated version of the original Lethal Judgment. Remastered upgraded graphics, new effects, a new level with a lot of surprises awaits you. Further continuation of the successful franchise with a completely unconventional treatment. I dare say that it can compete even with some commercial titles. Graphics are simply beautiful, lots of beautiful animated backgrounds, a lot of details, all combine to offer an enchanting experience. Unfortunately, sometimes at the expense of clarity. Excellent music and sounds that are a feast for the ears, as well as what is the essence of each game - gameplay. And this is at a high level. Lots of interesting ideas, variations, enemies, bonuses, online highscore. Pity that it's only five levels. A Deluxe version with remastered upgraded graphics, new effects, and a new level with a lot of surprises.
Free Game 70MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)
Deluxe Free Game (provided by starlord & upped by scaryfun) 75MB

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