B-Intruders BGames 2006

This is a modern Space Invaders clone of superior quality with lots of levels, great handling, and lots of options. Appetizer for all players. It's from the makers of the Lethal Judgment series of shoot 'em ups. This time with the mouse you control a little rocket in the fight against a lot of enemy rockets. A pleasant change are many different power-ups from armor, another kind of missile and other fancies. To orient yourself in the tremendous turmoil, however, is damn hard and passing even on the first level is a decent challenge. If you manage to crack it, there awaits you 7 different worlds, which are gradually opened. Other motivations are different bonus mini-games. All in high quality graphics and sounds.
Free Game 58MB (uploaded by FreeGame.cz)
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 38MB

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