Left One Stone Mateusz Kukla / Kuklam 2014

This is an arcade demolition game made with Unity engine in which our task is to destroy a number of enemy buildings by making wise use of all our artillery. You control a magical four-legged cannon, and your mission is to demolish buildings of your enemies. You can pass through 26 levels with different buildings and settings and 3 bonus levels. The more damage you will deal to these buildings, the more points you will get, and you need points to get to the higher levels with more complex constructions. You can use 5 cannonballs with different, special properties. Graphic style refers to fairytales. There are primitive huts, ancient temples and medieval castles in four different lands and seasons. Game is logical-arcade. Find the constructions's weak points and perform the destructive shots. The game was later made freeware.
Browser-Playable Free Game *requires Unity plugin, use IE or Firefox (uploaded by Kongregate)

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