Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine LucasArts Entertainment 1999

Indiana Jones finally went 3D in this fun action adventure where Indy learns Russians are digging near the Tower of Babel to uncover the Infernal Machine, a mysterious mechanism which allows inter-dimensional travel. There are 17 huge levels around the globe from the Utah canyon lands to Tibetan mountains and through an underwater maze. They have pretty good graphics and an interesting story to carry you through. Considering Tomb Raider was an imitation of Indiana Jones, it's nice to be able to play as Indy. You get to use his famous whip (which takes a bit of time to get accurate with) as well as his gun. The puzzles are based around switches & items and are not too difficult and keep the story moving well. Precise jumping must be negotiated on regular basis. You must use ladders, ropes and dinghies as well as moving on foot. You will also find yourself aboard a jeep and a mine cart. Replacements for your standard whip can be collected en route (from Soviet army arsenal), including grenades, sub-machine guns and bazookas. The valuable treasures you find can be used to buy extra ammo (between the levels). After each level you get your score (Indy Quotient) - you must reach all the treasure items cleverly hidden in secret places to get all the points.
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Level Demo 35MB ( @
Full Demo ~100MB (upped by keropi) Sound Addon ~223MB Update 1.2 ~1MB (upped by Scaryfun)
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2CD ISO Demo plus patch, manual/box scans 679MB (uploaded by Egon68)
2CD ISO Demo + Extras 294+275MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Installer for modern 64-bit o/s including Patch 1.2 + bugfixes 3MB (uploaded by Frictional Games)
Patch to run on modern o/s 3.55MB (uploaded by Replaying)

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