I Am Weapon: Revival Krealit 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: July 27/2016 This is a reboot of I am Weapon which inspired Krealit to make Guns'N'Zombies. It's an isometric twin-stick 3D shooter set in a surreal world full of the protagonist's nightmares, where he has to break through hordes of evil clowns coming in all shapes and sizes in order to find his memories piece by piece. It's a remastered version of original game - new gameplay, levels, enemies, no tower defence elements anymore... a changed hero and some parts of the story. Have you ever faced your worst nightmare? What if you cannot get out of it? What if you must go through and find out what this nightmare hides? So, you should arm yourself with a couple of big guns, stock up on ammo and show all what a real nightmare is. You, along with the main hero of this story, will dive into the strange and frightening world of nightmares, visit its different corners, find out how you found yourself in this place, and, the most important, how to get out this hell. What is able to stand against that madness? Only your memories, that you lost, that you should restore from pieces. Inhabitants of this world are already waiting for you. Creatures who should give light and happiness are cunning and bloodthirsty here. They give only suffering and death! They will do their best to prevent you from getting out of this nightmare. But they are not the only ones seeking your blood, it seems the world itself wants to crush and swallow you, its weapons are riddles and traps... So, do you want to sneak here yet? If so, welcome, but you must keep in mind, any path you choose, no mercy will be given. The main features: nightmarish and mysterious world full of secrets; hordes of cunning and bloodthirsty enemies; unique terrifyingly evil enemies; mysterious story; big guns... a lot of big guns; destructive fighting abilities; variety of equipment, such as armour, minions, mines, and upgrades for it; exciting tasks and quests will not let you to be bored; battle events are randomly generated, you will not have two fully similar situations; full controller support.
ISO Demo 2.79GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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