io Atman Software 2008

In io your mission is to bring the Nautilus-114 spaceship back home. However, the task isn't easy thanks to the many robotic minions that now inhabit the ship. In order to accomplish your mission, you have to play evasively (hide in the dark, walk don't run), avoid detection and carry out your objectives. You are also accompanied by your robotic friend and constant help, Ned. Together, you will take enemies down, gather data pertaining to the destruction of the ships human crew and bring the ship back home (or will you?) Io is a side-scroller game, however you can also move the player in and out of the screen, to hide in dark nooks, pick up secret items, etc. Point and click on the screen with the mouse, and Norton will orient himself to look or shoot at the pointed spot. You have radar to spot enemies, night and thermal vision cameras, cloak to go invisible, weapon addons, etc. and your weapons include: Machine gun, Rail gun, Grenade launcher, Rocket launcher, Displacer and a Flamethrower. There's 9 different bot types to play with.
Level Demo 15.5MB (uploaded by Uptodown)

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