Metal Gear Online: Cloaked in Silence DLC Konami Digital Entertainment 2016

This offers new and exciting ways to embarrass your opponents with three new maps and unlimited access to the new Survival mode join - you guessed it - Quiet in the $3.99 expansion, along with a free new mission for all. Bump that up to $10.99 and you get a selection of emotes ('Appeals') to spam at other players too. The Coral Complex map is a riff on Mother Base which promises to blend vantage points and crafty hiding spots with long open areas. I would strongly advise against using the bridges. Rust Palace, by contrast, does away with cover altogether: Azure Mountain will take you to the great outdoors, sneaking about scrub land and battling around a big central rock. A strategically important rock, I guess. Survival mode won't actually appear until April 7 and you don't need to buy Cloaked In Silence to play, however you'll be limited to 10 rounds per week unless you buy in. Teams of six compete to win consecutive matches in randomly selected maps and missions, earning rewards based on the length of the streak. In the new mission, Sabotage, teams have to destroy or Fulton the enemy missile against the clock, hacking terminals to deactivate the pesky barriers in the way. If you're defending, you don't want that.
Download: None currently available

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