James Bond 007: NightFire Gearbox Software / Electronic Arts 2002

In NightFire, one slips into the role of 007 (in cutscenes which are stored in the AVI format and of medium quality, one recognizes Pierce Brosnan's likeness). One must foil the plans of the villain Raphael Drake. In typical Bond manner, one is as 007 surrounded by pretty women (ostensibly all Secret Service. Q-Gadgets are also found of course: a wristwatch with integrated laser, a PDA with code cracker function, the cellphone with throw rope which lets Bond climb automatically upwards (if really a situation is found which enables the use of the tool permissible) or glasses with infrared which allow incoming calls. The use is always easy, because the program registers when the wristwatch or the code cracker should be used. There is some tactical creeping in the game, but Mr. Bond never gets his hands (or his clothers) dirty. Killed opponents cannot become further recreated (as tender agent Archer has no problem with corpses or unconscious persons being by others transported to less conspicuous places. The graphics in Nightfire are very simply done, completely inappropriate to a Bond adventure which usually has a lot of production values. The opponents are silly, the missions fairly entertaining, however, not dazzling. Nightfire belongs - in the very widespread - category of those games which do not shine with an immense playing depth. Even more than 10 hours a good player will not spend with in completing it. Altogether Bond is no failed shooter, however it clearly is a below-par shooter. In no area (graphics, mission design, gimmicks, action, sound) can Nightfire keep up with NOLF 2, the only plus may be that one may play James Bond. For similar play, one is better served in the close relative of NOLF 2.
Level Demo 147MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo ~375MB Music ~30MB (made for 3DSL & uploaded by MasteromaN) Movies ~38MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
 1  2  3 
2CD ISO Demo ~1.29GB (upped by Molitor) Keygen ~819KB (uploaded by Shattered)
 1  2 
Full Game + Patch v5.91 (needed to play on servers after 2014) 1.1GB + 29.3MB (uploaded by NightfirePC)

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