Blacksea Odyssey Blacksea Odyssey, LLC 2016

Early Access Release This is a top-down shoot 'em up about hunting giant space creatures. Play as the cybernetic Old Man who has entered the deadliest competition in the galaxy – the Blacksea Odyssey. Four of the bravest huntsman compete in capturing bounties for the largest space creatures that exist. Only the sole champion of the competition is awarded the honor of encountering the Titan of the Stars. Legend says no one has ever lived to tell a tale about the Titan. Will the Old Man be the first? It carries with it a blend between old school arcade shooters, newer RPGs, rogue-likes, and a modernized design with a heavy emphasis on replayability. A vast sort of cumulative imagination has inspired us to create a dark and beautiful experience with lush otherworldly spacescapes, dangerous behemoths to rend, and a twitch-based stream of rapturous delight. It separates itself from games of similar genres while still staying true to it’s core; a fast-paced space shooter. Imagine if you will Shadow of the Colossus’s massively scaled bosses, Geometry Wars extremely crisp and fluid control scheme, Path of Exile's deep RPG-like rune system, and Binding of Isaac's insane replayability. Eviscerate your opponents with an onslaught of weapon loadouts and item customizations. Discover new weapon and ship runes to demolish your enemies with. Pick from an assortment of huntsmen each with their own unique characteristics to become the next great challenger in the Blacksea Odyssey. Choose from a variety of spacescapes to explore. Each with their own unique set of creatures to hunt, mysteries to discover, and ancient runes to unearth. From character dialogues and the environment to enemy spawns and loot drops, everything in the game is procedurally generated and is affected by your choices. Travel deeper into the abyss at your own peril; the Blacksea is not for the feint of heart. Prepare yourself for a steep difficulty curve. While picking up the game is fluid and easy in its earlier stages, the later parts require a mastery of mechanics both inside and out. Enemies become ferocious and unyielding, and bosses continue to adapt and grow until eventually becoming seemingly insurmountable. Intelligent strategy and fast reflexes will be required to overcome these colossal creatures.
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Alpha Level Demo 254MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo v1.2 183MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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