Dead TrailZ Galactic Bits, Inc 2016

Early Access Release This is a furious tower defense/first person shooter. Battle waves of zombie hordes while planning supply runs. In 30 additional strategy levels, help incoming survivor groups on their last steps to safety. Zipline between vantage points surrounding the battle field and use heavy weapons to cover your teammate on longer and longer supply runs. Three rules: Runner starts and ends at the train station; Runner has a certain amount of ammunition which refills for each run; Predict the runner's path and pave the way for him to return safely. Each map also features 15 strategic levels, each with a unique solution path that requires more than just shooting. Levels have a fix setup of where survivors come in and where the zombies are and can only be resolved with strategic and well-timed use of the available weapons and tools.
Full Demo 467MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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