Jetfighter: Full Burn Mission Studios / Interplay Entertainment Corp. 1998

Somewhere between Jetfighter 3 and 4 came Full Burn, a game that takes a turn towards arcade action over simulation and adds a Wing Commander-like interactive movie air to the game. As the game starts, a conflict between the U.S., er sorry NATO and Russia erupts over some Norwegian oil fields. This sets the stage for the main storyline of the game which can be viewed from either the NATO or Russian side. The campaign is made of linear pre-made missions interspersed with FMV sequences between missions. As in the Wing Commander games, scenes occur in different locations, you move to the corresponding room and click on hotspots that trigger the sequences. The airplanes in the game have simple, yet functional flight models and include the F/A-18 and F-22N on the NATO side as well as the fictional MiG-42 on the Russian side. The game engine used is identical to the Jetfighter 3 one, and the game supports multiplayer support of up to 16 players.
Level Demo ~26MB ( @ Brothersoft Games)
ISO Demo (uploaded by Egon68)

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