Elite Dangerous: Arena Frontier Developments 2016

Fly agile fighters and go head-to-head against the galaxy’s greatest pilots in PVP dogfights - easy to pick up controls reward your developing skills with more to master for that ultimate combat edge. Choose your ship, customise your load out and prepare for instant Arena-based action to earn the right to become Elite. This brings Elite Dangerous’ Close Quarter Combat (CQC) PVP game to players as a standalone release, featuring full cross-compatibility with the large and growing Elite Dangerous player community. Notice: it's already available to all Elite Dangerous players via the main START menu at no extra charge. In Feb/2017, the standalone game was pulled from retail due to lack of players. Existing and new players accessing the game mode via Elite Dangerous will continue to have access via the main menu, as will those who've already picked up the standalone version, too.
Download: None currently available

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