K.O.S. : Secret Operations / Sting Online / Sting: The Secret Operations / RoR: Rembrance of Recruitment YNK Games / YNK Korea / YNK Interactive 2009

Sting is a free-to-play multiplayer online first person shooter. Outfit your character with different weapons, uniforms and special abilities. Create clans with friends to test your skills against other clans. Compare yourself and your clan to others using our ranking system. Use Medpacks, decrease your respawn time and even track your enemy with an assorted list of special skills.
Earn extra experience and crones through our multikill system by getting up to 10 kills in a row. Need a quick warm up? Play against our artificially intelligent KOSbots. Confident in your skills? Enter our Pro Mode and put your (in-game) money where your mouth is.
The game is powered by the Source engine and features realistic character movement and firearm usage, physics processing related to objects and accurate network synchronization.
The game is known as K.O.S. : Secret Operations in the US, and started to be in Open Beta in Korea in March 2009. It was shut down on March 26, 2013.
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Free Global Client v1.07.10 510MB (uploaded by File Planet)

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