Air Missions: HIND 3Division 2016

This is an arcade combat flight simulator based on the Russian Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter, also known as the "Flying Tank". Mount any weapon which this versatile helicopter could carry - from UPK 23 machineguns, GUV gunpods, and FAB bombs, to a variety of guided and unguided self-propelled munitions - and tear up the sky in a variety of single and multiplayer modes. Over fifteen missions based on fictional conflicts. Three different environments - Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Barents Sea. Single and Multiplayer modes, including Campaign missions, Deathmatch, Instant Action, and Co-operative missions. AAM, MCLOS, SACLOS, S-5, S-8, S-13, S-24 - because you can never have too much firepower.


ISO Demo 1.5GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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