Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Bethesda Game Studios / Bethesda Softworks 2016

The first DLC for Fallout 4 is an expansion that introduces a new storyline connected to the mysterious Mechanist who unleashed an army or hostile robots, headed by the cunning machines known as Robobrains, upon the Commonwealth. As one might guess, the player’s task is to deal with the new mechanical enemies which appearance also created an opportunity to expand on some of the gameplay mechanics. As we eliminate subsequent robots, we can salvage some parts of them and then use them to construct and enhance our own mechanical henchmen who can accompany us while wandering the wasteland. The players can make use of a myriad of components such as unique weapons and armor. They also allow us to build robots that suit our needs and customize their appearance and even voice.
Download: None currently available

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