BattleStorm Icy Studios 2016

This is an arcade-style shoot-em-up game, inspired by the old 90s classics. It will challenge you to multitask, engaging air & ground targets while dodging enemies to collect powerups, and trying to keep your multiplier alive all at the same time. It can get pretty intense; you won't breeze through every level on your first try. Battle air & ground-based enemies in 25 levels across 5 unique environments. More than 15 unique powerups to collect to transform your ship's systems. Progressively difficult boss fights throughout each world. Original Soundtrack - 10 engaging background tracks to immerse players. Support for Keyboard, Mouse & Keyboard, and Controller control schemes. Steam Leaderboards & Achievements. Compete globally and with friends for the highest score on each level, and challenge yourself to unlock every achievement. Steam Trading Cards - collect the trading cards and craft the badges.
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ISO Demo 1.02GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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