Line of Sight / Combat Arms: Line of Sight BlackSpot Entertainment / Nexon 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jan 31/2017 This is a free-to-play followup to the original edition of the popular Combat Arms MMOFPS title. In this new version, the discovery of a dormant gene UEGN-0076 enables humans to develop telekinetic powers. A super-secret subdivision of NEMEXIS, the weapons company that has been conducting the biological research featured in Combat Arms, has managed to weaponize this special gene. As a player, you have inherited the enhanced use of these telekinetic abilities in the form of superhuman powers and psychic weapons. Besides the story of the evil corporation versus hero fighters, the developer included familiar objects to the new game to stay true to the Combat Arms core gameplay style. It incorporates the successful features of fast-paced play and some popular content like characters, NPCs, kill marks, and the soundtrack. Details of content will be revealed soon and players can expect to experience well-balanced, challenging play with this new title. Features: Upgraded graphics and mechanics powered by the Unreal 3 Engine; highly detailed weapon customization - customize each and every part of any weapon; superhuman abilities - lob fireballs or ice shards in between rifle bursts; a match making system that ensures players face off against similarly skilled opponents; large variety of maps and game modes.
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