Champions of Breakfast Pirate Software 2016

This is a fast-paced arcade shoot 'em up where you save breakfast to save the world. Take control of a kitchen appliance as you battle your way through the house defeating jealous adversaries who have stolen your sweet sweet ingredients. You will launch bacon, dispense eggs, defeat laser firing remote controls, battle a bathtub, and hopefully save breakfast before anyone wakes up to discover the truth. Play as different characters including the Toaster, Whisk, and others. Fight enemies with unique bullets and actions. Destroy bosses with vastly superior powers. Pick up foods to aid you in your glorious quest. Utilize super abilities to rain deliciousness upon your foes. Infinitely scaling difficulty allows you to keep playing until you can no longer take the pain. Compete with other breakfast enthusiasts from around the world for the highest score. Trading Cards, Achievements, Breakfast! Free content updates every month.
Full Demo v1.20 121MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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