Legends of Might and Magic New World Computing / 3DO 2001

Might & Magic is originally based on card games and this is a role playing game which uses Lithtech's Talon engine. The developers 3DO wanted to be part of this multiplayer boom and therefore created this shooter which reminds -apart from the scenarios- clearly of CounterStrike and others of that style. During gameplay you have to fight around in the old-middle ages but the developer missed in implementing any new improvements. Besides the weapons and areas looking different, in the end the game effect is similar to CounterStrike. Free the princess - hostage like - out of a cage and guard her until you reach the coach. Also present: Kill the dragon and do it faster than the opponent's troops! Pull a sword out of a stone and use a button (this is taken from the Arthurian legend). Aid the warlords to escape (VIP copy from CounterStrike). You also find specialised tasks similar to Fortress but in a more weakened form. Some magic spells cause higher jumping, protection from lava or enable teleportation. It's a nice online shooter which offers average graphics but scores on scenarios! New ideas are hardly implemented and the levels and weapons are best in the original CounterStrike though. One really sad point: There are no Bots to test these levels offline.
Multiplayer Demo v0.51 ~82MB (uploaded by AG.ru)
Full Demo ~99MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo + No-CD/Keygen/Multiplayer Fix 291+3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo + Maps, Extras 502MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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