PureVex Nec 1997

PureVex, a space shooter much like like Banpresto's Macross, Konami's Gradius, or Square's Einhander. It's a 3D vertical shoot'em up. It's one of (if not) the rarest Japanese only exclusive made for PowerVR pc graphic card chipset, it uses proprietary direct API called "PowerSGL", so it cannot be played with all cards. Of course, there is no riveting storyline as it is the "one ship against a whole armada of bad guys." BUT it does not matter. From the first level, you're flying non-stop without any time to pause. You can enjoy a hot battle with a high game quality comparable to arcade games. There are main shots, lasers, and wide shots in the weapons equipped with "PUREVEX", and as sub-weapons, powerful missiles, photon bullets that track enemies, and bombers that wipe out enemies are prepared. Use those weapons properly according to the situation, and destroy enemies attacking one after another. In addition, the power-up system uses a gauge-based selection method, making it more strategic. Each stage has various structures such as space, grassland, caves, and enemy bases, and the graphics are beautiful with many semi-transparent graphics. In this game, you can change the viewpoint to 4 types: overhead view, rear view, sky view, and diagonal view. If you change your viewpoint, you can enjoy it like a different game and plunge into unknown areas.
Level Demo for PowerVR 3.73MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
AlcoholClone ISO Demo for PowerVR (provided by rockleevk, myloch & upped by Scaryfun) 241MB

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