Omega Agent Fireproof Games 2015

This VR-only game is set on a remote island training facility for cold-war super-spies. It sees the player strap on a prototype nuclear-powered jetpack and blast around an open world city filled with daring missions and breath-taking events in an attempt to graduate as the ultimate elite spy, the "Omega Agent". It takes a lump of Pilot Wings playability, a spoonful of classic Bond-movie attitude, adds a dash of The Jetsons for visual flair and celebrates old-school values like great controls and simple yet striking visuals in a playful 1960's environment. Pilot your prototype Omega Jetpack around every nook and cranny of Omega Island, discovering hidden areas and recovering top-secret documents. A suite of 40 diverse missions will push your jetpack piloting skills to their limits. From tests of speed and maneuverability, to all-out weaponised combat against a barrage of lethal enemies. Designed to test your skills and your cunning, Omega Island brims with devious puzzles only the craftiest super-spies will crack. The Omega Jetpack boasts an array of devastating weaponry from the powerful but short ranged shotgun, rapid-fire machine gun or heat-seeking missiles, you are truly a flying arsenal.
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Full Demo 164MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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