Gundemonium Recollection Platine Dispositif / Rockin' Android, Inc. 2007

This is a 2D side-scrolling bullet hell shooter game in a world of fantasy and steampunk-ish technology, and is an upgraded version of the first game in Gundemonium series, with updated graphics. The player chooses from 2 heavily armed heroines, Eryth and Primula, who can fly. The selected heroine has a simple task - she must kill enemies and bosses on her way through the levels. She must avoid many bullets, and destroy many minibosses - Gundemonium uses many special enemies. The game has anime-like graphics and very big (for bullet hell/danmaku) characters' sprites. An English Steam version was released in 2011 with a brand-new arranged soundtrack.
Full Demo 102MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Level Demo 9.2MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)

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