Mars War / Welkin 4591 Outpop Digital, TK Digital Inc / MMOLover 2008

This MMOFPS, the first made in China, was called Welkin 4591 and is inspired by Planetside. In January 2011 an English version called Mars War came out. It claims to be the world's largest MMOFPS with 1000+ players and one battlefield, with robots, spaceships and tanks as well as the usual array of conventional weaponry. The game is set on the red planet, where two factions - the Federals and the Alliance - are involved in a war over the control of the planet's resources. With life-like graphics and amazing audio/visual effects, not to mention the sheer size of the maps, this MMO really offers an immersive war-gaming experience featuring RPG and strategy game elements. The game centers around the fighting factions. When battle starts, players must try to occupy all battlefields, bases, strongholds and energy stations in the front, including enemy headquarters; after one side has occupied all available areas, they win the game. Gamers can expect to see complex in-game scenes, from land to air battles and realistic vehicle movements. There are three huge maps to play on, all with differing terrain and advantage points. RedRock Wasteland - When it rains here, it pours. Floods have washed the soil away, leaving a gully of barren red rocks - a natural road, perfect for defending as a military base. Fog Oasis - just south of Fog Mountain, in the desert (where else would an oasis be?!), there is a body of water. Due to its positioning and concentration of natural resources, this area has become a causeway for travel. If you want the desert, you need the oasis! Xihe River - part of the Yinghe River, which is renowned for its rapids and craggy riverside. As the river reaches the Xihe Plain, the river runs slower, making it the only place you can cross and another important high-traffic area. Registration is completely free, but if you so choose, you can upgrade and buy new weapons by purchasing credits from publisher or by trading with other players in-game. And the local currency, called Crystal, can also be earned in-game for more extras. The game was shut down in May/2011.
Free Game v1.0.2.0 Client 324MB (uploaded by CNET Download)

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