MechWarrior 4: Black Knight Cyberlore Studios / Microsoft Games 2001

You are Eric McClair, dishonorably discharged from FedSun military when you went off to rescue a fallen comrade, thus disobeyed a direct order. The only place that will take you is the Black Knight Legion, a mercenary group headed by Colonel Lawhorn in his name sake mech, the Black Knight. This expansion disk for Mechwarrior 4 requires the original to play. There's an all new single-player campaign where you will visit Kentares IV. You get to fight and pilot five new mechs (Black Knight, Sunder, Ryoken, Uller, and Wolfhound). You get some new weapons as well, like X-Pulse lasers, large autocannons, and more. There are also new multiplayer modes. The best feature, however, is "black market" in the single-player campaign. You can use the black market to trade in mechs and weapons you don't want for other mechs and weapons that you do want.
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ISO Demo 588MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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