Absolute Blue / Monster Galactic / Forbidden Galaxy Intermediaware / dtp entertainment AG 2005

This is a side-scrolling casual shooting game set in a sci-fi setting. The player is given the control of spaceship bound to destroy the hordes of alien invaders in 60 sectors comprising 4 different worlds, each with its own unique appearance. In the vein of classical side-scrolling shooters the game offers a wide array of power-ups and variable movement patters of enemy ships. There is a total of three different difficulty setting allowing the player to adjust the game to his own skill. It's primarily targeted towards a casual coffee-break gaming audience as well as fans of retro side-scrolling shooters such as R-Type or Katakis. Features: 60 sectors, 12 levels, 4 huge worlds; big weapon- and bonus-item system; big, dangerous endbosses; impressive light, particle and 3d-effects; fast paced soundtrack. It was later released as freeware under the title Monster Galactic with different background music.
Full Demo 55MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)
Monster Galactic v1.5 - Free Game 56MB (uploaded by My Real Games)
Full Demo ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 55MB

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