Medal Of Honor 2: Pacific Assault EA Pacific / Electronic Arts 2004

This game has seven expansive single-player missions spanning 25 levels ranging from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the battle for Tarawa Island. The game narrates the story of four young US Marines through the eyes of Tommy Conlin. There is the strong leader type, the educated and sophisticated medic (or corpsman), the short and simple sharpshooter and the quiet, but effective, soldier role is reserved for the player. The game attempts to bring Call of Duty's cinematic atmosphere to the Medal of Honor series, with impressively directed scripted sequences, chances for player heroics, hidden objectives which grant stripes and medals and other elements. It also offers detailed statistics for the player's actions and a chance to replay levels in order to achieve any missed objective.
It has over nine new multiplayer levels including the Battle for Henderson Field and the rescue of American P.O.Ws, improved multiplayer battles including, Team Deathmatch Mode, Team Objective Mode and Free for All Mode. You can access over 21 historically accurate World War II era weapons, including M1 Carbines, M1 Flamethrowers, Japanese Arisaka rifles and the Type 100 submachine gun, as well as new vehicles including M4 Flamethrower Tanks and PT boats. You can call in artillery and air strikes against the enemy to save your squad from certain defeat. The game has new soldier models, skins, and voices including Japanese, Australian and British troops.
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SP Level Demo ~534MB (@ Game Pressure) / MP Level Demo #2 (Gifu & Corregidor maps) ~324MB ( @ CNET Download)
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DVD ISO Demo 3.38GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
Included in: Medal of Honor: 10th Anniversary (2008) 7 DISC ISO Demo ~14.5GB total (upped by Shattered)

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