Highway to the Moon Vernacular Games 2016

This is a fast-paced scrolling arcade shooter where you take control of Jacob Helaway, stunt man and thrill-seeker extraordinaire, as he makes his way to the Moon in pursuit of the interstellar criminal known only as the Moon Man. You'll have your work cut out for you though, because between the Unger Max Gang, Air Traffic Control, Alien Affairs, and Leadersquad, it looks like everyone wants a piece of the Moon Man. One of this game's defining features is the highway that it takes place on. The player must do what they can to keep Jake on it while destroying whatever gets in his way. A tall order under normal circumstances, but luckily, Jake has an ace up his sleeve: the Phase Shifter. Using the Phase Shifter, Jake can phase in and out of existence, becoming intangible and unaffected by physics. This allows him not only to fly over gaps in the road but also to pass through bullets unharmed. Using this ability in conjunction with a myriad of powerful and unique weapons, Jake might just get to the Moon Man first. Are you ready to fight your way to the Moon? Use the Phase Shifter to dodge enemy attacks and cross gaps in the road. Lay down waves of destructive force with all sorts of varied and unique weaponry. Fight complex and engaging Bosses. Customize your gameplay experience using the Reality Alternator. Unlock new weapons, characters, and more as you play. Compatible with Windows (XP and up). Playable with Xbox 360 controller or Keyboard and Mouse.
Full Demo v1.0.6 293MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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