EverSpace Rockfish Games 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: May 26/2017 Prepare yourselves for fast-paced space combat in six sectors featuring jaw-droppingly beautiful procedurally generated space orbits filled with stunning, yet very dangerous natural hazards, pesky outlaws and hostile alien fighters as well as an ominous space armada trying to hunt you down. Use the environment to your advantage. Seek cover behind large or even inside hollow asteroids. Explore wide-spread space stations and scattered shipwrecks at humongous graveyards for precious loot. Gather resources, blueprints and nanobots to craft and upgrade your equipment or to repair you ship on the fly. However, no matter how skilled a pilot you are, death is inevitable, but only the beginning of a much larger journey. Features: Single player roguelike space shooter with persistent progression; Vibrant art style with top-notch visuals featuring ultra-hires textures; Rock solid 6DOF controls optimized for fast-paced space combat; In-depth crafting and damage system. Upcoming Features: Two additional player ships with different capabilities and starting gear; Dynamic cockpit displays for all player ships; Captivating non-linear story featuring interesting and thoughtfully designed characters; Hardcore Mode with permadeath for die-hard roguelike fans; VR support for oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

See also: #Everspace: Encounters DLC

Ultimate Edition - ISO Demo 7.86GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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