Duckpocalypse Capitola VR 2016

In the future, intelligent robot ducks have become smarter than humans, they took our jobs while we were busy fighting nuclear wars with each other. Few of us remained to see what is known today as the "Duckpocalypse". As an enraged simple human mind, you manage to build two guns with the scrap you gathered from an annoying robot duck, and so this is how your duck hunt starts. It's a VR arcade-style game made for the HTC Vive. Get in, grab your guns, take a second to let the new pixel world around you sink in, and then shoot that start button. Get on a fast paced challenge to bring down as many of those robot ducks as you can. Invite your friends over and see who can set the best score.
Full Demo 35MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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