MAD: Global Thermonuclear War Small Rockets / Global Star Software Ltd. 2001

Let's play global thermonuclear war. MAD is a real time strategy game depicting a future battle between two superpower alliances. Each side is attempting to eliminate the other's cities with nuclear missiles and defend their own with orbiting weapons platforms. A player starts with a number of ground territories and loses when the last one is destroyed (there's no expansion). Each territory provides money and uranium to build weapons and can be home to a spaceport and a nuclear missile silo. In space, players build orbiting stations with science labs that allow technology advancements and anti-missile weapons that can protect the territories beneath them. Missiles are fired at the enemy with a semi-arcade control system that requires quick reflexes to be accurate. There are ten single player scenarios (which are really just different starting conditions) and an option for 1 on 1 modem or internet battles.
Full Demo (installer + keygen) 10.5MB (uploaded by annoyment)
ISO Demo 145MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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