Galactic Storm Dawid Bujak 2016

This is a top down shoot'em up. It features distinct weapons, fast action and epic boss battles. Features: 4 levels of shmup action with boss battles; 4 main weapon types and additional special weapons; Powerups; Gamepad / mouse / keyboard controls; Shield to help You protect from enemy bullets; Dash to help You move quickly and never stay in one place too long. Game consist of four levels. Passing previous with high enough score gives You access to subsequent ones. To quickly cover horizontal distance Your ship is equipped with dash skill. Use it when You want to quickly move from one end of the screen to the other. Shield can be generated for defensive measures. It protects from enemy bullets but not from collision with enemy ships. Shield needs to be charged in order to activate it. To charge shield collect energy cells that are dropped by fallen enemies. There are three weapon types: Laser, Projectile and Bouncy each of those can be upgraded several times for stronger version. Additionally, your ship constantly fires homing rockets. For taking out tougher enemies or groups use mines. Upon explosion they deal massive damage to enemies in explosion radius. Good to take out groups of enemies or big ships. From time to time Your ship will acquire special ways of doing damage, so called "skills". Those are most powerful tools of destruction, use them whenever possible. Mouse / keyboard / gamepad controls are available. Mouse controls gives most precision when avoiding enemy projectiles.
Full Demo 617MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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