Blood II: Revelations (cancelled) Tequila Software 1999

This was a planned expansion pack for Blood II: The Chosen which was under development by a British based software developer which consisted of Peter Hopkins, Tom Francis, and David Wilson. They worked on it for 6-8 months before the publisher decided its a no go due to the limited sales of Blood 2. Tequila continues work on Revelations with the hope to get it complete for two reasons, a free release over the Internet and the second reason to end up with a good portfolio. The story is about Caleb taking over the Cabal; when the player plays as any of the other Chosen, they are not playing in story mode, so the plot does not need to be worked around them. The game generally would attempt to have a dark city kind of look and a slightly gangstery/film noir feel. Certainly the combat, with the new weapons which require reloading, would be more cover orientated, with the player generally having to hide while reloading and jump out to empty his weapon at whatever is around. Gibbing an opponent would have to take more damage than it does in the original game and it would have been easier to de-limb people. The gibbing noise would have been made louder, and slightly more 'ripping'. As soon as an enemy is killed, their dying body would have been totally immaterial to the player. Six new weapons range from the lowly throwing knife, harpoon gun and right up to the fire-breathing flame-thrower. New magic (four new spells) has been promised, including the 'choke', which of course borrows Star Wars' very own Darth Vadar's tendencies. On January 10, 2015 Peter Hopkins, formerly of Tequila Software, released what he had of the once attempted Blood II: Revelations expansion pack. This includes a wealth of new material, including two new music tracks and five new recorded Caleb lines, although most of the levels included are only part complete with little more than landmark areas finished.
Download / Rez file *requires Blood 2 to work 56Mb / 64MB (uploaded by Blood-Wiki)
Download + Rez File 56+64MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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