Final Fleet Team2Bit 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: July 24/2020 A lone interstellar fleet must travel across a distant and perilous galaxy in the hope of reaching safety. Final Fleet is a Virtual Reality space shooter that puts you in control of the universe's most powerful starships. Build and captain your fleet as you blast your way through alien lines. It's an HTC Vive exclusive title. Assemble a fleet consisting of dozens of unique starfighters with specialized attacks and functions. Laser fighters, shield ships, handheld nukes, guided missile bombers, stealth ships, and more all await your command. Intense dual-wielding space combat. Grab a ship in each hand and blast through your enemies. Battle your way through a variety of challenging missions: rescue capital ships, attack enemy spaceports, mine for crystals in asteroid fields, hijack enemy spacefighters and add them to your fleet. Daily and global leaderboards. Prove your spacemanship and vault your way to the top of the scoreboard. Steam achievements. Hone your skills and earn your badge of honor. No save points, no continues. Procedural elements make each game a new experience. Simply survive as long as you can. Final Fleet VR updated final version features 40 playable ships, over 20 achievements, daily and all-time leaderboards, multiple play modes, and tons of procedural content that makes each game a unique experience.
VR ISO Demo 551MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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